Raving Fans


Matt Motil

"Within my first 30 days of working with Jason I found a great deal I pitched to my buyer in the morning, and my the afternoon had a contract in place for exactly what I asked. The plan given by Jason works. It was the easiest $12,000 I ever made. I also recently closed a deal I never even looked at and made $45,000. If you work Jason’s program you will see success, period." Matt Motil, Columbus, OH.


Lisa Gantz

"Jason is extraordinarily hard working and the acknowledged expert in the subject of real estate investment and creative solutions. I would highly recommend his to other real estate agents, investors, or private individuals seeking solutions to their real estate needs. Highly recommend." Lisa Gantz, Tampa, FL.


Basim Karoumi

"I've been working with Jason Lucchesi for the past two years, and he's completely changed my real estate investing business. Since meeting Jason, I've been closing more deals on a monthly basis due to the new strategies he's taught me, I'm working fewer hours, I'm able to travel more, and now I actually have a retirement account. I would highly recommend Jason to anybody!" Basim Karoumi, San Jose, CA.


Craig Collins

"Jason possesses a quality that is priceless in the business world - integrity. When Jason says he's going to do something, he does it. He's also a savvy businessman who has a way of ensuring that everyone he works with comes out better than before they met Jason. It's been a true pleasure working with Jason in the past and I look forward to many more business dealings with him in the future." Craig Collins, Vail, CO.


Brian Meara

“I have been utilizing Jason's services for the past few years. The level of service that his team provides is exceptional. I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone. He has always gone above and beyond anything asked of him." Brian Meara, Philadelphia, PA.


Caroline Andrews

"Jason is one of the most professional, hardworking, and dedicated individuals in the real estate industry. I am extremely grateful for his friendship and focused effort, and I know I would not be in the position we are today without his guidance. Due to his depth of technical knowledge, outstanding leadership skills, and clear communication, I consider Jason to be a trusted sounding board for all of my real estate decisions today, and I look forward to continuing to work together. I would strongly recommend anyone who is ready take their real estate investing to the next level reach out to Jason today!" Carolina Andrews, Charlotte, NC.


Debbie Call

"JJason has been a fantastic wealth of knowledge and expertise for me. He excels as a coach and teacher, providing solid information in a personable way. Jason not only possesses bonafide expertise in his area, he is also an excellent communicator, a great combo. I'd recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone who would like to learn more about purchasing non-performing assets." Debbie Call, Greenville, SC.


Ed White

"I attended one of Jason's Investor Boardroom events in Indianapolis not that long ago and it completely blew my expectations away within the first 10 minutes. His event was small with no more than 8 people and this gave me a chance to get all of my questions answered. Jason was very approachable, stayed after the session was over to answer questions, and he really helped craft a plan to where I would be successful closing real estate transactions within my business consistently month after month. Since attending I've closed multiple transactions all because of the information Jason taught at his private Investor Boardroom event. If you're given the opportunity to attend I highly recommend you take advantage. Jason is the real deal." Ed White, Louisville, KY.


Frances Dougherty

"Jason is a true leader who has excellent creative real estate programs in non-performing notes and wholesaling. He is a true motivator and he is always there through email and a phone call away if you need coaching, and or advice. He partners with you on deals, and is true to his word. He is an expert in real estate investing and a person of high integrity. I am glad to know him and I highly recommend Jason." Frances Dougherty, Chicago, IL.


Jeff Ader

"When you're working with someone who's actually been there and done that, and can take those ideas and transfer them into your own business for money making opportunities, it's invaluable. Jason is sincerely interested in his clients and people who come to him for help, and he's been extremely valuable to me in my real estate investing career." Jeff Ader, Indianapolis, IN.


Jennifer Fagbemi

"I was a former high school teacher forced into retirement from a medical condition. I'm was completely brand new real estate investing with absolutely no prior experience. Within 3 days of working directly with Jason, I was able to close my first deal. I'm now a full-time Real Estate Investor because of the help Jason gave me insight to." Jennifer Fagbemi, Atlanta, GA.


John Slaughter

"I was referred to Jason from a close friend to help us build our real estate portfolio, and we have not looked back since. He has continually over-delivered, and as we have hit goal after goal in our business, he is always right on point for our next steps to continue our momentum. I especially appreciate how he focuses on analytics and key performance metrics to help us better achieve business goals instead of simply methodology or "keywords". I would strongly encourage his services to anyone who is frustrated with their current approach and ready to generate greater performance with increased efficiency." John Slaughter, Raleigh, NC.


Julie Goss

"Over the years I’ve invested in a lot of training programs. The training Jason has put forth has surpassed all of my expectations. I’ve always needed a little extra help with getting started with being brand new to the business, and when I reached out for help, Jason was there. He always made me feel confident and comfortable will truly be excellent within my business. My husband and I have seen working with Jason the best investment we’ve made. It’s paid for itself over and over again." Julie Goss, St. Louis, MO.


Justin Fields

"Within a few short weeks of going through the program, I was able to secure a deal that made me a net profit of $43,220! I'm now working on several other off-market deals and building my pipeline!" Justin Fields, Nashville, TN.


Mike Space

"I recently got involved working closely with Jason, and he's surpassed all of my expectations with truly helping me with my real estate business. I was need of scaling of my business, and within the matter of days, Jason started showing me on how to find the right deals I needed within my investing business. I can't thank you enough. I highly recommend Jason." Mike Space, Manchester, NH.


Sean Gibson

"After going through Jason’s training program I found a deal at a substantial discount, and flipped it to a buyer I found using the step-by-step plan. I never knew real estate investing could be this easy. I made $15,939.44 within my first 45 days of implementing the strategies taught by Jason. I’m now living a freedom based lifestyle running my business virtually from anywhere in the world." Sean Gibson, Phoenix, AZ.


James Hall

"Within James' first 45 days of working with Jason, he closed his first deal. James was in Belize at the time of closing, he never saw the property, and he never had to use any of his own cash. James made $6,616.85 with only putting in 6 hours of work from start to finish." James Hall, Boise, ID.


Adria Wagner

"Adria was a wedding planner with no prior real estate investing experience before her first flip. Her first deal closed within 30 days of working with Jason, she made a net profit of over $17,000, and it all happened virtually from her home in Canada." Adria Wagner, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Scott Horning

"I invested in Jason’s Direct Deal Profits and within 45 days from going through the material I found two cash buyers that closed on 3 deals I found through a JV partner and I made close to $35,000 in net profits. This was by far the easiest for investing strategies I’ve ever implemented. The proven step-by-step plan is all right there for you. If I could do it anyone could." Scott Horning, McKinney, TX.